Vesper Tielke Partners

Processing turnaround

Significant processing delays seem to be the order of the day in many tax advisory firms. We view such delays as unacceptable, and have therefore instituted the following "just in time" processing guidelines:

  • Financial and investment accounting:
    within one week (after receipt of all documents) 
  • Payroll accounting:
    by the agreed deadline (provided all documents are delivered on time) 
  • Annual financial statements / statements of taxable profit and corporate tax returns:
    within four weeks (after receipt of all documents and information) 
  • Other tax returns:
    within two weeks (after receipt of all documents and information)
  • Tax office correspondence / audits of notices of assessment
    within one week after receipt of correspondence or consultation with client 
  • Advising / position statements:
    by the agreed deadline 

Processing may take longer than expected during the fourth quarter of each year due to the added volume of documents we receive. Even then, we will do our best to keep our processing turnaround as short as possible.