Vesper Tielke Partners

Payroll services

The Official Fee Schedule for Certified Tax Advisers (Steuerberatervergütungsverordnung – StBVV) contains a long list of fees for the various types of payroll services and its provisions regarding their application are more than complex. We recognise that this lack of transparency does not serve our clients, who usually require a high degree of certainty when budgeting their expenses for payroll services.

That's why our standard practice is to arrange for the payment of a flat fee per employee and per month that covers virtually all payroll services. Only applications for wage continuation and the preparation of special attestations are billed separately, for a flat fee per item. These flat fees vary depending on the type of business, the number of employees, the complexity and risk. We would be pleased to discuss our offer with you in person.

Services not provided on a regular basis, such as assistance with payroll tax and social security audits or the provision of payroll tax advice, are considered separate services. These are billed in accordance with our fees for advisory services.