Vesper Tielke Partners

Tax advisers

Companies based in Germany

We co-operate with a wide range of tax advisers and accounting firms specialising in fields outside of our primary areas of expertise.

International companies

We also have strong ties to the "Big Four" – Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, KPMG und PWC – particularly where international matters are concerned. 

John Nolan, Attorney at Law (Frankfurt / USA)

Mr. Nolan is an American attorney specialising in US tax law. In addition to advising us on all US legal and tax issues, he also handles all mandatory declarations to the IRS for US residents, green card holders and other persons and companies with a US tax liability. Mr. Nolan speaks fluent English and German.

We would be pleased to contact Mr. Nolan on your behalf. You can also contact him directly at eurtaxes(at)

The Dyer Partnership Ltd. (UK)

The Dyer Partnership is an English accounting firm located southwest of London. It specialises primarily in advising US companies that have established operations in Europe or are looking to do so. The Dyer Partnership has strong contacts in the United States.

We would be pleased to contact the Dyer Partnership on your behalf. You can also contact them directly at, or send an e-mail to bill(at)


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