Vesper Tielke Partners

Corporate clients

Preparation and filing of standard tax returns

  • Financial accounting/investment accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Determination of taxable profit
  • Preparation of annual financial statements including electronic data transfer to the authorities
  • Preparation of corporate tax returns including electronic data transfer to the authorities  
  • Audit of notices of assessment
  • Enforcement of appeals and protests before tax courts
  • Filing claims for extensions, reduction of tax pre-payments
  • Assistance with tax audits in all forms

Professional tax and commercial advice

  • Digital financial and payroll accounting by providing weekly evaluation modules
  • Ongoing monitoring of economic/tax position of regular clients and implementation of control mechanisms
  • Development and implementation of specific recommendations
  • Development and implementation of control mechanisms for sustainable business management
  • Implementation of reporting structures for the purposes of bookkeeping and accounting as well as in the area of personnel costs, based on individual client requirements
  • Providing reporting functions
  • Providing administrative services / office organization 
  • Providing payment procedures for company accounts or trust accounts
  • Dividend planning
  • Compliance with German Banking Act and Basel II
  • Assistance in financing negotiations
  • Co-operation with auditors during voluntary and mandatory audits


  • Advising corporations (German limited liability companies and stock corporations) and optimisation of structures between company and shareholders
  • Business structural advice and optimisation
  • International tax law and cross-border tax structures (see our expanded portfolio for international clients)
  • Corporate restructuring
  • M&A
  • Tax due diligence

And more upon request

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